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Provincial Nominee Program

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Provincial Nominee Program is a wonderful opportunity for the dreamers to land in the world’s #5 friendly countries.

What is the Canadian Provincial Nominee Program?

PNP is a great option for a Canadian Federal skilled worker visa, the provincial nominee programs are helpful for:

  • Applicants who fail to fulfill the required criteria for the PR visa in Canada
  • Applicants who don’t score enough CRS to get an ITA, invitation to apply in the express entry

The Canadian PNP program allows the government to choose the right immigrant for the territory and province. It offers candidates the opportunity to become permanent residents. With an ideal provincial nomination, you get a better opportunity at getting an ITA and you can apply for a permanent residency visa.

Are you Eligible for PNP, Provincial Nominee Program?

Under PNP, the provincial nominee program, territories and provinces in Canada can nominate candidates and their families who are planning to settle in Canada, however, the selection is based on criteria established by the province.

Each province determines their own eligibility criteria for PNP. For instance, one province prioritizes bringing nominees with experience in a certain occupation, while some might prioritize inviting provincial nominees with French language experience. It depends on the needs of specific territories and provinces.

To become a provincial nominee, applicants are required to fulfill certain criteria. This reflects if the applicant has the education, skills and work experience to make a positive and healthy contribution to the local economy. The territory or province considers the application built on the needs of the specific province.

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How can you apply for the Provincial Nominee Program?

All final immigration decisions are finalized by the federal government. Due to this reason, PNP is a two-part procedure. The first part includes you having to apply for the province for the provincial nomination. Upon getting approval from the province, you are required to submit a second application seeking Canadian permanent resident status.

Follow the step-by-step instructions for Provincial Nominee Program:

  • Find Your Eligibility: You can consult our professionals or use the live tracker available to determine your eligibility for available options.
  • Complete the Application: Submit your application with the required documents to the territory or province.
  • Receive PNP certificate: Once your application is complete and you are eligible, you will receive an official certificate of provincial nomination, allowing you to move forward.
  • Submit PR Application: Apply for Canadian permanent resident to the federal government. If you get nominated through an Express Entry, you can apply via the same. You must submit the paper-based application, as required.

Some PNP streams follow a first-come and first-served policy while some streams require potential applicants to first register an Expression of Interest. Some PNP streams operate outside the federal express entry immigration system, known as ‘base’ streams.

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