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LMIA Work Permit

Does your business need work permit?

LMIA, Labour Market Impact Assessment, is a document that is issued by ESDC, Employment and Social Development Canada evaluating the impact of hiring a foreign national in the country. A positive LMIA reflects that there is no Canadian citizen or Permanent resident available to fill the profile, allowing an employer to hire a foreign nation. A negative LMIA reflects that a position is to be filled by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

LMIA based work permit is a two-step application procedure where the first step is to apply to Service Canada for an LMIA. This is to ensure that foreign workers or professionals are not being hired over Canadian citizens who are qualified for the job.

LMIA Application Prerequisites

LMIA applications are submitted in hard copy or via mail, to the Service Canada processing centre. You must attach evidence that is listed below to indicate that they have been met:

  • Business Legitimacy Document: Submit documents that indicate a Legitimate Canadian Business.
  • Transition Plan: Employers must submit a plan on how they aim to address the need to hire foreign nationals. Employers are expected to hire Canadian citizens instead of TFWs.
  • Wages: Applications include information regarding wages.
  • Recruitment Sweats: Employers submit evidence that they made enough efforts to recruit Canadian citizens to fill the position.
  • Workplace Security: TFWs are entitled to the standards of workplace safety and health as a Canadian working in the same position.

What’s the next step, upon getting approval?

Once your LMIA application is approved, you are required to send a copy of the letter and Annex A to the foreign worker. The foreign worker can apply for a work permit; however, the processing times can vary depending on where the application has been submitted.

To apply for a work permit, the candidate requires:

  • Job offer letter
  • Contract
  • Copy of the LMIA
  • LMIA number
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Do you need LMIA?

You can bypass the procedure by acquiring a work permit under the International Mobility Program streams. For workers and employers alike, it is advised to sign up for a work permit under IMP.

Does your business need immigration solutions?

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