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How 5 River Immigration can Help with Caregiver Visa Canada

Canada launched two new caregiver visa programs on June 18, 2019, by replacing old caregiver programs. These new programs are named “Home Child Care Provider HCCP (NOC 4411)” and the “Home Support Worker HSWP (NOC4412)”. These new caregiver programs were launched as pilot programs to run for the next 5 years following its launch date.

FUN FACT: Programs Launched as “Pilot” will access qualified candidate applications at a much faster speed

You and your family can apply for Canadian PR (permanent residence) through these pilots if you have qualifying work experience or worked as a caregiver for 24 Months out of 36 Months in Canada. You can still apply under Caregiver if you qualify with eligibility criteria and make your way up to Permanent Residence in Canada (read below to find out qualifications/eligibility criteria).

The application process for a Caregiver Visa in Canada will vary depending on the candidate profile and the visa process. However, at 5 River Immigration, we make sure the applicants meet eligibility requirements to process error-free application submissions. In this blog, we will discuss the qualifications required to apply for this visa. But first, have a look at the features of the new pilot programs.

Unique Attributes of New Caregiver Visa in Canada

  • This Program is Occupation Specific, not Employer Specific. It means candidates should do the same work they mentioned in the National Occupation Classification Code of the pilot program. For example, a caregiver gets a work permit under NOC 4411, which is known as the Home Child Care Provider (HCCP) program. The same terms are applied to the people coming with a caregiver visa in Canada under NOC 4412 Home Support Work Pilot (HSWP.) They can not work in any other occupation. However, this program is not employer specific so, they can work with any employer and change employers if required. 
  • Open work Permit/Study permit for Caregiver immediate family. As per this new caregiver program, the family members (spouses and children) of the caregiver can also come to Canada with the main applicant. 
  • LMIA is not required for this application. Canadian employers do not need to go through the LMIA process to hire caregivers.
  • Clear pathway for Permanent residence: Caregivers working under NOC 4411 & 4412 can convert temporary status to permanent status after 24 months of qualifying work experience in Canada. 

Candidates can still apply for a Caregiver Visa before 24 months period if they have eligible work experience. However, once they have acquired 24 months of qualifying work experience, they become eligible for Permanent Residence right away.  

Fun Fact: Application for Home Child Care worker for 2021 has reached its quota. It will open back on Jan 1, 2022. You can start your process with 5 River Immigration to see if you qualify to apply for Permanent Residence under this program. Or you can call us @+1-780-729-2357 or WhatsApp @+919560521082 to apply for these programs in Canada. 

Application Quota for Home Support work for 2021 is still open. You can call 5 River to discuss your application with us at +1-780-729-2357 or WhatsApp @+919560521082. We can book a consultation call to discuss your case.

The new program offers great flexibility to the caregivers in terms of quick job change and bringing the dependent family members to Canada along with them. It also ensures better security and thus allows them to become confident.

Caregiver Visa Canada

Eligibility for Caregiver Visa Canada

To become eligible for the caregiver visa program in Canada, you need to fulfill the requirements:

1. An Authentic and Valid Job Offer

The authority will consider the job offer valid and genuine if it meets the following checklist:

  • The employer should offer you the job using Offer of Employment IMM 5983.
  • The job should be a full-time one, meaning you need to do paid work for a minimum of 30 hours each week.
  • The job offer should come from a Canadian employer.
  • The job location should be outside of the province of Quebec. You can apply in all provinces except Quebec. For Quebec, there is a different process.
  • The employer should not be someone working in an embassy, high commission, or consulate.
  • There should be a real need to hire you.
  • Your job must match the National Occupational Classification (NOC) job description of the pilot you apply for:

A) Home Child Care Provider (NOC 4411)

  • Your job is to take care of children under 18 either in your employer’s home or your own home
  • It is not compulsory to live in your employer’s home to qualify
  • Your experience as a foster parent will not be considered for this job

B) Home Support Worker (NOC 4412)

  • You must take care of someone who needs help from a home support worker.
  • You are not obliged to live in your employer’s home, so you can either do your duty from your home or your employer’s home 
  • NOC 4412 only allows home support workers
  • Experience as a housekeeper will not be considered.

2. Capable of Doing the Work

The immigration authority weighs your capability of doing the tasks included in the NOC job description based on the experience or training you have. 

3. Sufficient Language Skills

You have to assess your language skills through any of the following tests: 

  • To measure your English language skills: Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB)
  • To measure French language skill: Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadien (NCLC)

The caregiver pilot programs require you to score a minimum CLB 5 (for English) or NLCL 5 (for French) separately in all 4 basic language skills:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

4. Required Educational Qualification

To apply for a caregiver visa in Canada, you should have a completed post-secondary education credential of at least 1 year. In case you don’t have an education credential in Canada, you need to get an Educational Credential Assessment certificate from an approved organization that a foreign educational certificate is valid and equivalent to the Canadian credential. 

5. Admissibility to Canada

Some people are inadmissible to Canada due to various reasons such as security, criminal or medical reasons. You should not fall under any of these categories to get a caregiver visa in Canada.

6. You must have a plan to reside in any other provinces than Quebec as a Canada PR (H4)

You are not allowed to live in Quebec province with this visa. You should choose to live in any other province.

Though the new pilot immigration program for caregivers offers some relaxed terms, the application process is new to most people. Therefore, there is a high chance of making mistakes during the application process. Also, you do not want to waste your time through the trial and error process and become successful in your first attempt. So, all you have to do is to call 5 River Immigration at +1-780-729-2357 or send them an email at We will offer you complete guidance on the caregiver visa in Canada and help you succeed. Let our team handle all the worries and get your job done.

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